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Remembering Those Who Made The Ultimate Sacrifice

We create unique ornaments representing fallen heroes


For families and loved ones of fallen heroes, the holidays can bring a deeper feeling of sadness and loss. To remember and honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice, it is our privilege to create unique ornaments representing fallen heroes across the USA who died while on active-duty, to hang on our “Fallen Heroes Trees of Honor.” The Trees of Honor are on display in three public venues in Central Illinois from November through January to make sure the families of our Fallen Heroes know their heroes will never be forgotten.


We have more than 400 ornaments on each tree representing the fallen from over 40 states and conflicts dating back to the Civil War. Every year as more families learn about the program, our list of honorees expands, and we add new ornaments to the trees, bringing hope and healing in the season of joy.


For more info contact Fran at 309-825-5121 or email AGSFTreeOfHonor@gmail.com.

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