Privacy Policy

America’s Gold Star Families is dedicated to honoring and assisting those families who have lost a loved one during active duty service in the military. As part of our birthday card and scholarship programs we do collect some basic personal and private information during the registration process, including the names, dates of birth, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, grades, and the names of colleges attended by the participants. We also obtain the names of those individuals participating in grief counseling services arranged through our organization solely for the limited purposes of coordinating payment for such services on behalf of the participants, but our organization does not collect or receive any protected health information or any other information which in any way discusses, describes, details, or refers to the counseling being provided to any individual. Finally, we also keep a record of donations made to our organization, including the names, addresses, and email addresses of the persons or organizations making a donation.


America’s Gold Star Families is committed to maintaining the privacy of our donors and of all persons who participate in any of the programs or services offered by our organization, and the information collected as described above is used only for the stated purposes of the programs offered. Access to the personal and private information collected is strictly limited to those members of our Board of Directors who are connected to and involved in the operation of our individual programs. No person or business outside of our organization has access to any of personal and private information collected, and America’s Gold Star Families does not sell, share or otherwise disclose any of the personal and private information collected by or provided to us. Finally, the information collected by America’s Gold Star Families for purposes of the birthday card program is maintained only until the child’s eighteenth (18th) birthday, at which time the information is permanently deleted from our database. Similarly, information collected as part of the scholarship programs is maintained for five (5) years only, and after five (5) years the information is permanently deleted from our database. The information collected for purposes of arranging for grief counseling services is maintained only during the time said grief counseling services are being provided to an individual and for one (1) year thereafter, and after one (1) year the information is permanently deleted from our database.


Any person may opt out of the programs offered by America’s Gold Star Families at any time by notifying our organization. To opt out of the Birthday Card Program, please select the “Remove from List” option under the Birthday Card Program link on our website at . To opt out of the scholarship or grief counseling programs, please send an email to with the subject line “ATTN: Privacy Officer” identifying the name of the individual requesting to opt out together with the name of the program which is the individual is opting out from. Any other questions relating to this Privacy Notice may also be sent via email to with the subject line “ATTN: Privacy Officer”.

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