Meet The Board

Chris Doscotch

Board member

Chris lives in Peoria, IL where he has worked as an attorney and judge in Central Illinois for over 30 years. Chris is married to Shawn. Shawn recently retired from teaching. Chris and Shawn have two children, Greyson and Victoria. Initially, Chris worked at a long-time Peoria Law firm until he opened his own law firm in 2009. At his own firm, Chris managed up to 12 employees in addition to handling his own case load. Over his career, Chris served over 5000 former clients. Chris closed his law practice in 2019 when he was elected Peoria County Circuit Judge. Chris will be presiding over the newly formed Tazewell County Veteran’s Court.


Chris is a veteran of the U.S. Army/Illinois National Guard. Chris attended basic and AIT at Ft. Benning, Georgia. Chris’s MOS was 11B. Chris has several close friends who served our country during WW II, Korea and Vietnam. Chris’s relationship with these veterans instilled his passion for making sure our veterans and their families are properly valued, honored and taken care of. He is honored to serve the families of our heroes.

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